Can You Treat Depression By Yourself Without Medication?

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Life can become very difficult if you are suffering from depression. Depression can drain away most of your energy. You won’t feel the inclination or interest to do anything. First of all, it can drain away your energy. You will not want to take any positive steps towards improving your condition.

Your self-esteem and confidence can nosedive when suffering from depression. You will feel that others do not have any sort of interest in you. You will think others don’t value and respect you.

People who suffer from depression fall into 4 different categories as mentioned below:

1. The first category of people will be mute spectators. They won’t do anything to improve themselves

2. The second category of people will consult a doctor and take medications to treat this condition.

3. The third category will approach a psychiatrist in order to get treated

4. The last category of people are very rare. These are individuals with strong determination who will want to treat depression on their own.

The first 2 categories of people are making a huge mistake. The first category don’t go for any treatment. As such their condition can remain the same for years, or even worsen. Life can become very difficult for them.

Second category of individuals will take medication which can bring about a lot of negative side-effects. You should try to stay as far away as possible from anti-depressant drugs. Only in severe cases, you should resort to taking medication for depression.

psychiatra koło The third category of people are a little better. But the problem is that most of the psychologists and therapists are very costly. So everybody cannot afford to go to them.

Besides cost, people also feel embarrassed in visiting a psychiatrist. They will feel afraid of other people passing comments or making fun of them.

So now you are left with the fourth option. There are many techniques and strategies which can be employed to deal with depression on your own. You don’t need to hire the expensive services of a psychiatrist, except in chronic cases.

So, what is left is the fourth option for people who don’t want to approach a therapist or if they cannot afford it. Thankfully, there are many techniques of depression self help which can be used by depressed patients. It helps them in tackling the problem on their own without much outside help.

However remember that it will take a lot of patience, determination and persistence on your part. You will face internal resistance and frustrations. So you should be prepared to handle them.

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